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Tex Year Industries Inc

Tex Year Industries Inc. is the largest hot melt adhesive OED/ODM manufacturer and exporter in Taiwan area. The lineup of HMA division includes hot melt adhesive (HMA) & guns, pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA), woodworking water based adhesive, cyanoacrylate super glue, UV curing adhesive and coatings, thermal binding machines & covers, laminators & pouches and other related products. Our HMA and Cyanoacrylate super glue is sold to over 70 countries all over the world. Our products are mainly used in various industries, such as packaging, book binding, handicraft, DIY, hygiene product manufacturing, woodworking, furniture, tape, electronic, photoelectronic, and automotive applications. For the past 35 years, Tex Year has started and maintained the importing and distribution of advanced adhesives and macromolecular, special chemicals, followed by the manufacturing and exporting of environmental, toxic-free hot melt adhesive and super glue, and the manufacturing exporting of heating apparatuses, glue guns, adhesive binders, and laminators. More active in recent year, Tex Year has extend its business to solar cell module materials, hot melt applicator, automatic autoclave which turning Tex Year into a world-famous manufacturer in these domains. Tex Year also places top priority on environmental protection, and has always viewed itself as the protector of planet Earth. By the excellent teams and the experience of success, Tex Year will step into diverse management in the future. Whether it is hot melt adhesives, release agent, office accessories, solar cell module materials, electronic specialty -UV glue, EPOXY glue, UV resin for optical film, solar cell module materials, or automatic autoclave, vibration equipment for LED, Tex Year will continue to serve its customers sincerely, resulting in mutual benefits and growth. Main Products: hot melt adhesives, hot melt glue stick, hot melt glue guns, pressure sensitive adhesive, Cyanoacrylate super glue, hot melt applicator, release agent, office accessories, solar cell module materials, electronic specialty, UV glue, EPOXY glue, UV resin for optical film, solar cell module materials, or automatic autoclave, vibration equipment for LED, etc.

Supplier of:

  • Chemical products
  • Chemicals for the electrical and electronics industries
  • Adhesives, synthetic...

Yeu Chyuan Industrial Co., Ltd.

Yeu Chyuan Industrial CO., LTD. is the leading manufactuer of hot melt glue guns with more than 30 years of professional experience. YC is located in Taiwan. 98% of the glue gun manufacturing process is completed in our own plant. We provide a one stop glue gun OEM service for international brands. Besides, we also offer plastic injection service. Other than glue guns, we also expand our range to art and craft tools, such as embossing heat gun or mini heat gun, projector, hot-fix applicator wand, glue pot, soldering iron or woodburning tool. We are not satisfied with what we have today. We eager to working with clients with creative idea. Please feel free to send us any idea and let us make your idea come true together. Yeu Chyuan Industrial CO., LTD. est le principal fabricant de pistolets à colle thermofusible avec plus de 30 ans d'expérience professionnelle. YC est situé aux Taïwan. 98% du processus de fabrication du pistolet à colle est réalisé dans notre propre usine. Nous fournissons un service OEM de pistolet à colle unique pour les marques internationales. En outre, nous proposons également un service d'injection plastique. Outre les pistolets à colle, nous élargissons également notre gamme aux outils d'art et d'artisanat, tels que le pistolet thermique de gaufrage ou le mini pistolet thermique, le projecteur, la baguette d'applicateur hot-fix, le pot de colle, le fer à souder ou l'outil de combustion du bois. Nous ne sommes pas satisfaits de ce que nous avons aujourd'hui. Nous sommes impatients de travailler avec des clients avec des idées créatives. N'hésitez pas à nous envoyer une idée et laissez-nous réaliser votre idée ensemble. Yeu Chyuan Industrial Co., LTD. ist der führende Hersteller von Heißklebepistolen mit mehr als 30 Jahren Berufserfahrung. YC befindet sich in Taiwan. 98% des Herstellungsprozesses der Klebepistole werden in unserem eigenen Werk abgeschlossen. Wir bieten einen OEM-Service für Klebepistolen aus einer Hand für internationale Marken. Außerdem bieten wir auch Kunststoffspritzguss an. Neben Klebepistolen erweitern wir unser Sortiment auch um Kunst- und Bastelwerkzeuge wie Präge-Heißluftpistole oder Mini-Heißluftpistole, Projektor, Heißfixier-Applikatorstab, Leimtopf, Lötkolben oder Holzverbrennungswerkzeug. Wir sind nicht zufrieden mit dem, was wir heute haben. Wir sind bestrebt, mit Kunden mit kreativen Ideen zusammenzuarbeiten. Bitte senden Sie uns eine Idee und lassen Sie uns Ihre Idee gemeinsam verwirklichen.

Supplier of:

  • Electric fastening tools
  • Hot melt glue applicators (pistols), electric
  • Plastic product making machinery and equipment...

Loover Ind Co Ltd

We, LOOVER Industrial Co., Ltd., have over 30 years. We are a professional distributor in the field of PCB assembly equipment and tools that factories demand and after sales service. We hold the running principle as Specialty, Service, Quality and Globalization to offer service to our worldwide customers. From 1997 to now, we have been the exporting office of KILEWS Industrial Co., Ltd. which makes Electric Screwdrivers and related products. We are in charge of full range of export business of KILEWS brand products. Below are our product series for Kilews Electric Screwdrivers. 1) Brush Motor DC & Brush Motor AC 2) Non-Carbon-Brush DC (Brushless) 3) Screw Counter & Built-in Screw Counter 4) Automatic Screw Feeder 5) Power Torque Series (Brushless) - Can be reached to 15 N.m. The advantage of Kilews products are shown as below. -The smallest Brushless Electric Screwdrivers in the world, from 0.01 Nm. -The only one Brushless Electric Screwdrivers with Built-in Screw Counter in the world. -The Power Torque series (SKD-RB/TB series) is brushless and with clutch type. -Screw Feeder KFR-1050 allows the user to adjust the feeding rail width easily for serving screw sizes from 1.0mm to 5.0mm. Main Products: Electric Screwdriver, Automatic Screw Feeder, Torque Meter, Screw Counter, Automatic Tape Dispenser, Auto Tape Cutter, Brushless Electric Screwdriver, Soldering Station, Destop Soldering Robot, Tools for Assembling Line, Electric Tools, Home appliance assembly torque tool, Auto parts assembly torque tool, Power Torque Electric Screwdriver, PCB assembly equipment

Supplier of:

  • Plastic articles for office use
  • Plastic products
  • Dispensers, plastic, for adhesive tape...


We, Quinn Group, started our business as a hand tool sourcing service provider and OEM trading company more than 30 years ago. During these decades, our mission is to help our customers to develop their own brand hand tool business with good quality and long-lasting reputation. And thus, we have built a strong team with all experienced engineers and complete testing equipments, together with our constant and profound relationships with manufacturers in Taiwan via the OEM business. By the time, the efforts of OEM business has blossomed around the globe, our passion in tool businesses leads us into the field of professional hand tools, with our strong engineer team, our professional testing equipments, the deep relationships with various qualified manufacturers after strict selection, and our reputation for more than 3 decades. In 2010, we launched our own brand, Quinnco, to customers, hoping another blossom to grow. To offer our own brand, Quinnco, we spent years surveying and studying: We seriously evaluated all manufacturers in Taiwan step by step, and severely selected the most reliable products into our Quinnco branded ranges. Moreover, our strong and experienced experts help to offer all kinds of test and quality check of the products, through the way to the birth of the Quinnco brand. With all these discreet work in advance, we can proudly present our self-own brand, "Quinnco" - a vivid life of tool. "Quinnco" brand, therefore, provides high quality hand tools, automotive maintenance tools and air tools for professional use. It stands for technology, profession and popularity that is essential to all customers on their daily lives. We welcome our customers to select our products in our website and make an inquiry to us by email. We will respond in full enthusiasm and efficiency. Thank you for the supports. And we look forward to contribute to your business achievements! Quinn Group

Supplier of:

  • Timber, wooden products, machinery and equipment for the woodworking industry
  • Woodworking tools
  • Plastic products for agriculture and horticulture...
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