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Industrial subcontractors
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Adamson Ind Corp

Hsin An Plastic Ind Co Ltd

Jieng Beeing Ent Co Ltd

Li Da Cha Che Lai Ling Co., Ltd.

Yomura Technologies Inc.

Gentle & Honor Ind Co Ltd

Wei Fong Rubber Co., Ltd.

John Chen Screw Ind Co Ltd

Jun-En Ent Corp

Ya Dong Ke Ji Co., Ltd.

Chi Mei Corp

Golfang Mfg & Development Co Ltd

Hao Tu Dian Zih Co., Ltd.

King Jenn Chernd Ind Co Ltd

Lodio Ent Co Ltd

Shen Jia Fan Er Co., Ltd.

New Eleven Ent Inc

Chen Hsong Machinery Taiwan Co Ltd

Jolly Tone Ent Co Ltd

Cheng Hai Oilless Metal Industrial Co., Ltd.

I Shih Cheng Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Wuang Hwa Tai Industries Co Ltd

Pin Shine Ind Co Ltd

Jawbone Industrial Co Ltd

Autoequips Tech Co., Ltd.

Cefal Int'l Co Ltd

Yukuang Chemical Industry Corporation

Fitop Machinery Co Ltd

Shin Kin Ent Co Ltd

Johnson Chemical Prod Co Ltd

Jin Li Da Guo Ji Co., Ltd.

Central Tooling Design Co Ltd

Canshow Ind Co Ltd

Ji Jhun Jing Ji Gong Ye Co., Ltd.

Sun A Ent Co Ltd

Sheen Time Ent Co Ltd

Wan Ming Machinery Ind Co Ltd

Shih Meng Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Chuen Bao Works Co Ltd

Special Fasteners Engineering Co., Ltd.


Superalloy Industrial Co., Ltd.

Do Jin Co Ltd

Peng Mao Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Chianyie Industrial Co., Ltd.

Jji Kae Ent Co Ltd

U-Der Co Ltd

Ruei Yi Su Jiao Gong Ye Co., Ltd.

Mirle Automation Corp

Bao Deng Enterprise Co., Ltd.

George Majestic Ent Co Ltd

Yueh Charng Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Rhythm Wire Ind Co Ltd

Formosa Heavy Ind Corp

Hon Ta Precision Co Ltd

Jentech Precision Ind Co Ltd

Cherng Lian Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Chung Chao Co Ltd

Hung Kuo Precision Mold Ind Co Ltd

Altezza Co., Ltd.

Yonyu Plastics Co Ltd

Tong Yu Mold Co Ltd

Yi Sin Rubber Gong Ye Co., Ltd.

Chang Tai Shining Ent Ltd

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