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Tesa Tape ( Hong Kong ) Ltd - Taiwan Branch

tesa: A Global Adhesive Tape Manufacturer With over 100 years of experience, tesa is one of the leading global brands of adhesive tape solutions built on consistent quality and innovation. Our range includes double sided tapes, masking tapes, protection tapes, safety and security tapes, cloth tapes, duct tapes and packaging tapes. These, together with many other functional and speciality adhesive tapes and labels, have been developed or converted for specific industrial and consumer applications. tesa Industry provides reliable adhesive tape solutions for automotive applications, consumer electronics, flexographic printing, corrugator packaging, newspaper printing and paper production, as well as construction, painting and renovations. tesa also meets the unique challenges of health markets, as well as the wind and solar industries. Our Consumer division offers about 300 different products that improve offices, homes, and gardens. They are designed for fixing, sealing, mounting, renovating, repairing, insulating, as well as protecting against insects, dust, and draughts. With more than 50 subsidiaries worldwide, tesa services customers in over 100 countries. Trade Name : tesa tesafilm tesapack tesakrepp tesaflex tesafix tesaband tesaprint tesa easy foam tesa EasySplice tesa HAF tesa Powertwist tesa Softprint tesa Easy Cover tesa Powerstrips tesa HACS tesa Easy Cut tesa Photo tesa Protect tesamoll tesa Stop-it tesa Extra Power tesa masking tape tesa Plastering Tape tesa Bodyguard tesa Duct tape tesa Easy Foam tesa EasySplice tesa fineline tesa Glassguard tesa HAF tesa Powertwist tesa Softprint tesa Soft strapping tesa Easy Cover tesa Easy Lift tesa Easy Fix tesa Easy Line tesa Mask Classic tesa Mask Sensitive tesa Powerstrips tesa Cut Stop tesa HACS tesa Precision Mask tesa Easy Cut tesa Roller tesa Easy Stick tesa Stick tesa Velcro tesa Protect tesa tack tesa Painters Grade tesa Protection Film tesa Building Protection tape tesafilm crystal clear tesa universal glue tesa multi purpose glue tesa instant glue tesa spray tesa double-sided handycraft tape tesa double-sided tape tesa graphic crepe tesa Hook and Loop dots tesa Mounting tape tesa Insect stop tesa anti-slip tape tesa anti-scratch felts tesa lint remover tesa Wall paper glue tesa Carpet laying tape tesa Aluminium tape tesa Insulating tape

Supplier of:

  • Paper and board
  • Stationery articles
  • Pads, memo...


Founded in 1978, HAO THING ELECTRICITY MACHINERY CO., LTD., is a Taiwan manufacturer of customer order special machinery. We dedicate in R&D and manufacturing of welding machinery, induction heating machinery, and automatic production line machinery. The special machinery being manufactured by HAO THING are applied to various industries, such as, car exhaust system, car shock absorber system, car fuel tank, car brake system, air conditioner and compressor, hardware and motor, and motorcycle rim production line. For more than three decades, HAO THING implements our philosophy of “Innovation”, “Quality”, and “Service” step by step. With this philosophy, HAO THING has earned its reputation, dependence and purchase from our customers, such as auto industry (NISSAN, TOYOTA, HONDA, MITSUBISHI, GM, FORD), moto industry (HONDA, YAMAHA, SUZUKI), air conditioning (HITACHI, TOSHIBA), and OEM parts manufacturers. Further, we work with our overseas partners to develop international market. Recently, HAO THING puts effort to promote production technology and product quality. We have obtained certificate of ISO9001 and CE. In order to satisfy the high level quality requirement of our customers, various sophisticated inspection instruments are available in our lab. We believe only excellent quality, on time delivery, reasonable price, and full service can help us earn our customers’ trust. These are our honor and responsibility. Our competitive advantages are comprehensive product supply, strong design team, execution of manufacturing team, and emphasis on community life with our customers. In the future, HAO THING’s targets are to do our best to satisfy our customer’s needs, to earn our customer’s trust, and to become an international brand.

Supplier of:

  • Spot and resistance welding machinery and equipment
  • Welding machines, resistance, seam
  • Welding machines, resistance, projection...
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