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Chemical base materials
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Taimaw Plastic Ind Mfg Ltd

Shun Hwa Pharmaceutical Co Ltd

Chem-Eagle Trading Co Ltd

Linzy Int'l Inc

Flying Dragons Material Ind Co Ltd

Oimo Ind Co Ltd

Shell Taiwan Ltd

Hailsun Chemical Co Ltd

Dahin Co Ltd

Asia Polymer Corp

United Silica Ind Ltd

Holysun Chemical Co Ltd

Ken-Hama Co Ltd


King Cheong Hong Co Ltd

Jasdi Chemicals Co Ltd

Acro Chemical Corp

Lien Hwa Ind Gases Co Ltd

New Chien Te Hang Co Ltd

Lipan Ind Co Ltd

Mei Lin White-Stone Chemical Co Ltd

E Jet Great Ind Co Ltd

Fandso Int'l Corp

Bulk Wealth (Xiamen) Co Ltd

Kaohsiung Monomer Co Ltd

Year Long Ind Co Ltd

Pan Asia Chemical Corp

Wah Lee Ind Corp

Catal Chemical Ind Co Ltd

U-Liang Pharmaceutical Co Ltd

Taiwan Patron Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co Ltd

San Yo Pharmaceutical Ind Co Ltd

New Solid Int'l Corp

San Cheng Trading Co Ltd

Jia Dah Chemical Ind Co Ltd

Dynachem & Co Ltd

Daily Polymer Corp

Johnson Chemical Prod Co Ltd

Eternal Chemical Co Ltd

San Yuan Chemical Co Ltd

Mitsubishi Corp (Taiwan) Ltd

China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co Ltd

Shang Chuen Weighting Machine Co Ltd

Scenic Precise Element Inc

Andrew Greatland Co Ltd

Synpac-Kingdom Pharmaceutical Co Ltd

SWEP Taiwan Inc

Lian Hui Plastic Ind Co Ltd

Full Bright Ind Supply Center

Yu Jung Corp

Tai Chin Chemical Ind Co Ltd

Dynasty Chemical Ind Co Ltd

Union Chemical Ind Co Ltd

Pau Tai Ind Corp

Sunko Ink Co Ltd

Rhone-Poulenc Taiwan Co Ltd

Tong Sing Chemicals Co Ltd

Pure Earth Biotechnology Co Ltd

Vast Spring Ent Co Ltd

Sanho Chemical Co Ltd

Bai Jing Ent Co Ltd

All Win Aeronautical Ind Corp

Sino Technology Corp

Long River Chemical Co Ltd

Technical Supplies Inc

Oriental Union Chemical Corp

China Steel Chemical Corp

Evermore Chemical Ind Co Ltd

Can Long Co Ltd

Pao Yan Tsae Yih Co Ltd

Jiu Zhan Glass Ent Corp

Center Laboratories Inc

Perfect & Glory Ent Co Ltd

Lumiaction Co Ltd

Great Bear Ent Corp

Taiwan Chemical Board Co Ltd

Namchow Chemical Ind Co Ltd

Heng I Chemical Inc

Yung Shin Pharmaceutical Ind Co Ltd

Empire Int'l Commerce Co Ltd

Lih Shan Machinery Factory Co Ltd

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