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Dragon Van Lines Ltd

Taiwan External Trade Development Council

Datavideo Technologies Co Ltd

National Taiwan Art Education Center

Kaohsiung C.K.S. Cultural Center

Capital Art Center

Orient Electric Co Ltd

The Grand Hotel

CMC Magentics Corp

Kenmark Ind Co Ltd

Trans Electric Co Ltd

Reader's Digest (East Asia) Ltd,Taiwan Branch

Hung Wei Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Yuh Cherng Electronic Co., Ltd

B.I.G. Film Co., Ltd.

Centrol Motion Picture Corporation

Deltamac (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.

Taipei Postproduction Corp.

A Mini Cathay Co., Ltd.

Formosan Aboricinal Culture Village Inc.

Modern Cinema Laboratory Corp.

Smec Media & Entertainment Corporation

Ronan Imagine Technology Co., Ltd.

Hualiteq Int'l Corp

Wang Film Production Co., Ltd.

Linfair Eng & Trading Ltd

Taiwan Aerial Imaging, Inc.

Chieh Yng Marine Products Co Ltd

Yi Kong Security Company Limited

Chen Der Fishery Co., Ltd.

Yu Ming Fishery Co., Ltd.

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