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Country House Co Inc

King Car Ind Co Ltd

Tai Hwa Oil Ind Co Ltd

I-Mei Foods Co Ltd

King Lucky Food Ind Corp

Trustwell Trading Co Ltd

Chu Shui Che Foods Mfg Co Ltd

Tong Hsing Ent Co Ltd

Getz Bros & Co Inc

Chia Meei Food Ind Corp

A.G.V. Prod Corp

Chreng Hwa Frozen Foods Co Ltd

Chi Jen Ent Co Ltd

President Pepsi Food Corp

Namchow Chemical Ind Co Ltd

Vitalon Foods Co Ltd

Uni-President Ent Corp

Shan Ben Wang Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Motovest International Co., Ltd.

Jheng Ya Guo Ji Co., Ltd.

Pepsico, Inc., Taiwan Branch (U. S. A.)

Zarbiz Global Procurement

Wan An Nong Mu Co., Ltd.

Peak One Int'L Corp.

Zih Yi Co., Ltd.

Jin Shang Fong Co., Ltd.

Young Energy Source Co., Ltd.

Jin Lu Guo Ji Co., Ltd.

Amazon Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Jia Ming Teagarden

C Link C Corporation

Cyuan Guo Kai Fa Shih Pin Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Chengchieh International Development Corp.

Well Channel Company

Jin Ding Fong Guo Ji Kai Fa Co., Ltd.

Sian Tai Wang Shih Pin Gong Ye Co., Ltd.

Chia Meei Food Industrial Corp.

Si Mei Sheng Ji Co., Ltd.

Ai Li Ke Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Hohuan Agricultural Product Co., Ltd.

Long Zih Long Co., Ltd.

Pin Chuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Hank Connection Industrial Co., Ltd.

Yi Kang Mei Shih Guan

Cyu He Jiou Jhuang

Jiou Syun Wun Hua Enterprise Co., Ltd.

King Car Food Industrial Co., Ltd.

Yakult Co., Ltd.

Oceanic Beverages Co., Ltd.

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