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Chuan Kuan Ent Co Ltd

Go-Rising Trading Ltd

Hong Shang Dian Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Pisces Trading Co., Ltd.

Yen & Brothers Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Frontier Agriculture System Inc

Yeong Shenq Far Fishery Co., Ltd.

Yeong Sheng Feng Fishery Co., Ltd.

Fei Fu Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Ying Rong Fishery Company Ltd.

Wa Da Fishery Co., Ltd.

Shuenn Tian Fishery Co., Ltd.

Siang Heng Yu Ye Co., Ltd.

Hwa Chang Fishery Co., Ltd.

Fue Shin Fishery Ltd.

Her Yang Fishery Co., Ltd.

Bai Xian Wu Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Syu Chang Hai Yang Ci Ye Co., Ltd.

Jin Hwei Ocean Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Ocean Link Foods Co., Ltd.

Her Huang Fishery Co., Ltd.

Moon Marine International Co., Ltd.

Yung Tai Fa Fishery Co., Ltd.

Hong Jing Guo Chan Rou Pin Jhuan Mai Dian

Gem Font Corporation

Win Der Fishery Co., Ltd.

Hu Han Trading Co., Ltd.

Tang Yih Trading Co Ltd

Yeu Yueh Ent Co Ltd

Ipotes Interocean Ind Co Ltd

Zheng Cheng Marine Products Co., Ltd.

Yung Da Fa Fishery Co., Ltd.

Oceanic Marine Ltd.

Hua Sheng Fishery Co., Ltd.

Yu Yi Chuen Fishery Co., Ltd.

Wei Chern Fishery Co., Ltd.

Tuna House Trading Co., Ltd.

Zhen Man Fishery Co., Ltd.

Win Far Fishery Co., Ltd.

Jung Te Marine Products Co., Ltd.

Fair Well Fishery Co., Ltd.

Tan Hou Ocean Development Co., Ltd.

King Car Biotechnology Industrial Co., Ltd.

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