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Trade Winners Net Marketing Co Ltd

1986-1996 ( for 10 years) was once a leading advertising magazine for all Taiwan Manufacturers & Exporters on Computers, Electronic Components and Telecommunications. Internationally well known, took part in every major international electronic trade show and strived for excellence by collecting detailed Buyer data from around the globe. 1997-2006 ( for 9 years) In recent years, has gone green and switched from paper magazines to focusing on the world of internet marketing. After bringing our attention to cyberspace, we've made more than 1000 virtual hosting websites for Taiwan's most prestigious Manufacturers and Exporters. Our search engine is focused mainly on the international market of Electronic components. Currently, our site proudly holds a significantly impressive number of Suppliers and Products and the number is increasing daily due to its booming popularity. We're sure that you'll find our site to be user friendly while still providing all the essential data you need to help you increase your sales. The following is a simple introduction on ways that you can easily use our website to benefit your needs: A. Our search engine provides useful and simple searching methods convenient for Buyers. 1.Search by keyword 2.Search by specific member suppliers 3.Search by categorized products 4.Search by new products 5.Search by new member suppliers B. You will find information on all major Asia suppliers especially from Taiwan and China dealing with the electronic component markets We hope you find our site to be useful and simple to use. We greatly appreciate any sort of suggestions or comments you might have to help us improve our site and we are glad that we have the opportunity to serve you. Thank you for using and we hope you join us and become part of the family! Contact Information Tel : 886-2-86618598 E-mail : ***Business: 1.Internet integrated marketing 2.Dedicated website and email server for corporation 3.Professional website design, web programming 4.B2B global portal site advertising 5.Industry directory listing 6.Search engine optimization (SEO) 7.Internet marketing campaign software

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