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Basic metal products
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YTS Technology Co Ltd

Jie Jin Stainless Steel Ind Co Ltd

Ban Chang Hardware Co Ltd

Jasdi Magnet Co Ltd

Manloy Metal Ind Co Ltd

Casteck Die Casting Co Ltd

Bichain Trading Co Ltd

Brothers Metal Foundry Co Ltd

Formosa Komatsu Silicon Corp

Kai Ching Ind Co Ltd

Fon Cin Aluminium Co Ltd

Cassen Ent Co Ltd

Trust Die Casting Ent Co Ltd

Lei's Steel Ind Co Ltd

June Lai Metal Co Ltd

Taiwan Oriental Cutlery Corp

Jyi Shyang Ind Co Ltd

Min Shian Ind Co

Talent Steel Ent Co Ltd

Canshow Ind Co Ltd

Echo Aluminium Corp

Real Locks & Security Co., Ltd.

Yieh Loong Ent Co Ltd

China Steel Machinery Corp

Chien Cheng Electrode Mfg Co Ltd

Meicon Electronic Ind Co Ltd

Kuan Sing Ind Ltd

Metal Industries R&D Centre

Chang Tai Shining Ent Ltd

Blue Scope Lysaght Taiwan

Su's Precision Tools Co Ltd

Chien Hsin Trading Co Ltd

Feng An Metal Ind Co Ltd

Minchali Metal Ind Co Ltd

Chia San Iron & Steel Ind Co Ltd

Yieh Phui Ent Co Ltd

China Steel Structure Co Ltd

Hai Kwang Ent Corp

An Feng Steel Co Ltd

Tai-I Electric Wire & Cable Co Ltd

Sheng Yu Steel Co Ltd

Crown Aluminum Co Ltd

International Holy Inc

Interactive Corp

China Steel Corp

Aropec Sports Corp

Shang Shing Steel Ind Co Ltd

President Co Ltd

Chin Ho Fa Steel & Iron Co Ltd

Lung Yun Casting Co Ltd

King Shing Steel Ent Co Ltd

Tong Shin Aluminium Corp

Jean Yeh Ent Corp

United Data Industries Co Ltd

Sheco Products Co Ltd

E Jet Great Ind Co Ltd

Bulk Wealth (Xiamen) Co Ltd

Cosmoway Co Ltd

Unison Tek Co Ltd

Chu Huei Steel Ind Corp

Super-I Ent Co Ltd

Redsun Metal Ind Co Ltd

Ztong Yee Ind Co Ltd

Amin Int'l Corp

Hwa Hsing & Co

Kuo Lung Ferro Silicon Mfg Corp

Chin Ling Steel Co Ltd

Oriental Happy Ent Co Ltd

Sun Talent Ind Co Ltd

Shine Top Electronics Corp

Seeing Ind Corp

Cheng Ta Iron Works Co Ltd

Lio Ho Machine Works Ltd

Cip Ent Co Ltd

I-Tung Machinery Ind Co Ltd

Wann Tay Machine Factory Co Ltd

Jardine Matheson & Co Ltd Taiwan

Mitsubishi Corp (Taiwan) Ltd

Tatung Co

Universal Ent & Co

Kuei Hung Ind Co Ltd

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