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Tung Shrim Ent Co Ltd


Daily Joy Co

Jing-Yun Stone-Works Company

Picvue Electronics Ltd

Tay Fong Trading Co Ltd


Axonic Electronic Inc

Sinotech Eng Consultants Inc

Chang Ku Building Co Ltd

Bao Chen Construction Co Ltd

Yung Loong Mechanical & Electrical Co Ltd

Taiwan Bamboo Curtain Ent Co Ltd

Ruentex Construction & Development Co

Ranger Electronic Communications Inc

King Koon Ind Corp

Tung-I Information Service Co Ltd

Taiwan Wen Hsing Ind Corp

Chung Hsin Plywood & Lumber Co Ltd

Taiya Construction Co.

Yi Chi Hsiung Ind Corp

Willda Enterprise Corporation

Sigmacare Development Co.. Ltd.

Taiwan Semba Co., Ltd.

Suo Luo Men Ying Zao Co., Ltd.

Jhan Sin Huan Bao Gong Cheng Co., Ltd.

Well Joint Engineering Co Ltd

Hai Lin Construction Ltd.

Sheng Yi Fa Ying Zao Co., Ltd.

Leader Air Condition Co Ltd

San Unity Co Ltd

Shine Far Construction Co., Ltd.

Aqua-Win Watertec Co Ltd

H P B Technology Co Ltd

Air System Ent Co Ltd

King Ming Ind Co Ltd

Ting Tai Constructions Co Ltd

CIS Ent Co Ltd

Ju Jan Machinery Co Ltd

Fu Jan Machinery Co Ltd

Syh Fan Wooden Co Ltd

Nimax Telecom Co Ltd

Taijhou Construction Co., Ltd.

New Century Constructional Corporation

Luo Yu Shih Nei Jhuang Siou Gong Cheng Co., Ltd.

Raysound Ent Corp

Fu Li Ying Zao Co., Ltd.

Sun Pao Tsun Construction Co., Ltd.

Liou Yuan Chao Ying Dao Jyu Co., Ltd.

Hanau Smith (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.

Shuang Jyun Gong Cheng Co., Ltd.

Hsin Chuan Construction Co., Ltd.

Chia Cheng Construction Co., Ltd.

Kun Fu Construction Co., Ltd.

Rsea Engineering Corporation

Jan Cheng Construction Co., Ltd.

Fu Tai Construction Co., Ltd.

Chien Chung Construction Co., Ltd.

Chun Yuan Construction Co., Ltd.

Asia World Engineering & Construction Co.

Fu Yuan Shih Nei Jhuang Siou She Ji Co., Ltd.

Jason Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Chu Pan Construction Co.,Ltd.

Kwang Lien Construction & Engineering Entreprise Co., Ltd.

Yuo Pin Constructure Co., Ltd.

Feng Shun Construction Co., Ltd.

Six Top Contruction Co., Ltd.

Dimerco Data System Corp

Jian Dou Ying Zao Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Zeniya Interior Design Co., Ltd.

Lin Kai Enterprise Co., Ltd.

King Dall Ind Co Ltd

Wan Chi Steel Ind Co Ltd

New Sra Steel Structures Co Ltd

Royal Uman Industrial Co., Ltd.

Miramar City Development Inc.

Hong Lin Construction Co., Ltd.

Kitai Contractors, Inc.

Pronice Industrial Co., Ltd.

Chiu Tai General Contractor Co., Ltd.

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