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Formosa Information Technology Co Ltd

FBR Asia Ltd

Vision Media Studio

Sunitec Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Miyonic Co., Ltd.

Dee Ku Communication Engineering Co., Ltd.

Ham Radio Co., Ltd.

Digital Vision Ltd.

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications International Ab

Cosmactive Broadband Networks Co., Ltd.

Daai Tv

Hsin Yeong An Cable Tv Co., Ltd.

Jhong Jhih Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Chenli Machinery Co., Ltd.

Arcoa Communication Co., Ltd.

Master Channels Corporation

Pacnet Services (Taiwan) Inc.

Nova' Spirit International Co., Ltd.

Sunrise Airlines Co., Ltd.

Key Point Telecom Technology Co., Ltd.

Utstarcom Taiwan Ltd.

Fan Lian Technology Co Ltd.

Gala Tv Corp

High Bound Co., Ltd.

Alpha Fine Wines Co., Ltd.

Penghu Cable Tv Co., Ltd.

Peikang Cable Tv Co., Ltd.

San Da Cable Tv Co., Ltd.

Winfinity Asia Technology Corp.

Super Star Telecom Co., Ltd.

Tctek Industries Limited

Shyh Shiun Terminals Co., Ltd.

Dme Co., Ltd.

Suncomm Technology Co., Ltd.

Renaissance International Enterprise Inc.

Aurora Telecom Corporation

Lanwin Communlcation Co., Ltd.

Mingo Technology Inc.

Cywee Inc.

Soundwin Network Inc.

Yeou Fa Chemical Co., Ltd.

Suncrown Catv Co., Ltd.

Twinstar Catv Co., Ltd.

Dafeng Tv Limited

Aviso Tech Inc.

Public Television Service Foundation

Nan Taoyuan Catv

Taiwan International Gateway Corporation

Inhon Communications Co., Ltd.

Powerbon Co., Ltd.

Artech Technology Design Co., Ltd.

One Far Corporation

Ellipsiz Commiunications Taiwan Ltd.

Medical Intubation Technology Corp.

Ja Fon Technology Inc.

Zhong Zhan Communication Co., Ltd.

Kang Jing Sing Ye Co., Ltd.

Double Advance Technology Ltd.

Ameleks Corp.

Savecom International Inc.

D.F. Technologies Inc.

Hua En Sing Ye Co., Ltd.

Chang Wang Ci Cai Gong Ye Co., Ltd.

Unique Broadcasting Inc.

Yeong Jia Leh Cable Tv Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Telecommunication Industry Co., Ltd.

Global Mobile Corp.

Yosin Electronics Co., Ltd.

Era Communications Co., Ltd.

Tracker Technology Co., Ltd.

Hoatech Technologies Co. Ltd.

Phildom Tech Co., Ltd.

Global Links Telecom Co., Ltd.

Eo Link Co., Ltd.

Twt Communication Corp.

Data Communications Business Group, Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.

Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd., Mobile Business Group

Northern Taiwan Business Group,Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.

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