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Grand Travel Inc

Tourism Victoria,Australia

Howard Plaza Hotel Kaohsiung

Dragon Van Lines Ltd

Redhill Hotel

United Hotel

The Ambassador Hotel Kaohsiung

The Leo Foo Development Co Ltd

Lee's Hotel

Pacific Leader Hotel Consultant Co Ltd

Hawaii Tourism Taiwan

Korea National Tourism Corp,Taipei Office

Grand Hotel Kaohsiung

Sunworld Dynasty Hotel

Air Trade Express Ltd

New Eastern Travel Service Co

Grand Hyatt Taipei

Sherwood Plaza Ltd.

Taiwan Minamoto Kitchoan Co.,Ltd

Airtrade Express Ltd.(Iata)

Chiugai Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Fortune Hotel

Rsl Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Tristar Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Tayih International Hotel Co., Ltd.

Mitsui Japanese Restaurant Co., Ltd.

Bao Lai Li Lyu Hang She Co., Ltd.

Jin Huan Ciou Lyu Hang She Co., Ltd.

Fen Da Lyu Hang She Co., Ltd.

Galilee Tours Service Co., Ltd.

Lian Cang Ting Co., Ltd.

Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport

Jeoushun Kitchen/Restaurant Wquipment Co., Ltd.

Best Way Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Yum! Restaurants Taiwan Co., Ltd.

Eztravel Co., Ltd.

New Zealand Trade Development Centre

French Official Tourist Office

Tourism Queensland Corp

T.G.I. Friday's Taiwan Inc

Transasia Catering Services Ltd.

Hotel Tainan Co., Ltd.

Creative Eateries Co., Ltd.

Cama Coffee Inc.

Jyun Yi Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Comestibles Master Co., Ltd.

President Starbucks Coffee Corporation

South East Travel Service Co., Ltd

Daiei Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Pacific International Travel Service

Dandy Hotel Co., Ltd.

Topd Restaurant Corp.

Hoya Resort Hotel Group

Homechain Foods, Ltd.

Bei Ze Guo Ji Can Yin Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Golden Formosa.,Ltd

Pinho Traverl & Meeting Consultation Co., Ltd

Caesar Park Hotel-Kenting

Pyramid International T/S Co., Ltd.

Spring Travel Co., Ltd.

S.M.W. Travel Service Co. Ltd.

New Yoho Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Fantasy Travel Service Co., Ltd.

News Travel Service Ltd.

Friendship Travel Service Co., Ltd.

National Transport Co., Ltd.

Star Travel Corporation

Lucky Emperor Service

Ez Travel Agency Co., Ltd.

Jhong Jheng Lyu Hang She Co., Ltd.

Fu Hua Da Fan Dian Co., Ltd.

Gigabyte United Inc.

Grand Hilai Hotel Co., Ltd.

Lion Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Hotel Kodak

Miramar Hospitality Co., Ltd.

Fx Hotels

The Leofoo Development Co., Ltd.

Landis Taipei Hotel Co., Ltd. (The)

An-Shin Food Services Co., Ltd.

Formosa International Hotels Corporation

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