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LHC Consultants Ltd

Toptell Technology Int'l Co Ltd

Idaho State Asia Trade Office

Louisiana State Office in Taipei

Metal Industries R&D Centre

Batey Ads,Taiwan

Dentsu Taiwan

Ideology Advertising Agency

International Advertising Agency

J. Walter Thompson Co Ltd

Public Communications

Leo Burnett Co Ltd

Goldsun Development & Construction Co Ltd

Prince Housing & Development Corp

Pacific Rehouse Co Ltd


Yih Tai Marine Corp

Intellisys Corp

Taiwan External Trade Development Council

FBR Asia Ltd

Mobile View Multimedia Co Ltd

Action Credit International Enquiries (ACIE)

Tyson Bioresearch Inc

Derek Services Ltd

Ofis Int'l Co Ltd

President Translation Services

U-Ming Marine Transport Corp

Magicgraphics Technology Co Ltd

Ace Marketing & Publications Inc

Today's Translation Service Co Ltd

Universal Standards Inc

Rhone-Poulenc Taiwan Co Ltd

Ogilvy & Mather (Taiwan) Co Ltd

Pershing System Corp

Oman Commerical Office,Taipei

Sinotech Eng Consultants Inc

Conolei Technology Co Ltd

China Economic News Service

Institute For Information Industry

Interk Testing Services Taiwan Ltd

Target Advertising Agency

Samphire Shipping Co Ltd

Pacific Engineers & Constructors Ltd

Taiwan Bicycle Ind R & D Center

Abico Automation Co Ltd

Round Table Professional Conference Organizer

Boyden Executive Search Consultants

Dynatech Business Associates Inc

Acnielsen (Taiwan) Ltd

Compass Public Relations Ltd

Kpmg C.P.A.

Nian Chin Machinery Co Ltd

Taiwan Int'l Patent & Law Office

Grand China Exhibition Service Co Ltd

Ya Ti Sih Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Chien Hsiang Building Management Co., Ltd.

Pamir Law Group

Taiwan Realty

Farstone Tech. Inc.

Veda International Corp.

Wan Chi Wei Hsin Co., Ltd.

Ace Solutions Co.,Ltd.

Vigor Management Consulting Co.,Ltd.

Psitech Information Technology Co Ltd

Lehigh Tek Co Ltd

R.P.T. Intergroups Int'l Ltd

C.S. Software Technology Co Ltd

C2 Digital Inc.

Taiwanca.Com Inc.

Jhu Shang Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Abridgebiz Co., Ltd.

Excellence Multi-Layer PCB Co

Dragon Security Services Co., Ltd.

T.N. Soong & Co Certified Public Accountants

South Asia Int'l Patent & Trademark Office

Central Union Patent & Trademark Office

National Capital Management Corp

Inherit & Usher Advertising Co.,

Lavod Corporation

Goyun Building Management Services Co., Ltd.

Omniad Media Incorporation

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