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Jiunn Cherng Co Ltd

Nuvo Ent Co Ltd

Morrison Electric Co Ltd

Horng Chyun Corp

IR-TEC International Ltd

Troy Ent Co Ltd

Vulcan Ind Corp

Auto Parts Ind Ltd

EXP Auto Electric Parts Co.,Ltd(Yun Shen Ind Co Ltd)

Enfeel Ind Co Ltd

Miin Lueen Co Ltd

Chuen Charng Co Ltd

Taiwan Carbon Bicycle Co

Ying Cherng Ent Co Ltd

Shou Chi Ind Co Ltd

Jemmytex Int'l Corp

Symbol Yacht Co Ltd

Carol Cycle Ind Co Ltd

Jee Ann Bicycle Co Ltd

Acodex Ent Inc

Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corp

Kian Shen Corp

Big Time Auto Parts Mfg Co Ltd

Superior Electronics Corp

Hsin Lun Ind Co Ltd

Exp Auto Electric Parts Co Ltd

Magtech Magnetic Products Corp

Tai Jinn Co Ltd

Chin Yung Ming Co Ltd

Taiway Ltd

Shan Feng Cable Ind Co Ltd

Hsiang Lun Ind Corp

Shing Juh Ind Co Ltd

Ideal Bike Corp

Golden Star Trading Co Ltd

Tong Hong Automobile Prats Co Ltd

Auto Long Electric Ind Co Ltd

Kwang Yang Motor Co Ltd

Jen Wu Machinery Co Ltd

Lio Ho Machine Works Ltd

China Precision Die-Casting Co Ltd

Min Shian Ind Co

Shin Jia Ind Co Ltd

San Chih Electric & Machinery Corp

Speedent Corp

Sr. Suntour Inc

Uniston General Co Ltd

Youth Inc

Hsan Fhu Ind Co Ltd

Gison Machinery Co Ltd

Z. Chance Ind Co Ltd

Taiwan General Exports Ltd

E-Feng Ent Co Ltd

Sin Yih Model Ent Co Ltd

Commonwealth Ind Corp

Lih Jaw Ind Co Ltd

Mount-Channel Mfg Co Ltd

Looney-Max Ent Co Ltd

Shin Chin Ind Co Ltd

Everest Ind Co Inc

E-Wern Int'l Ltd

Ming Kao Ent Co Ltd

Lucidity Ent Co Ltd

Depo Auto Parts Ind Co Ltp

Lite-On Semiconductor Corp

Shang Jinn Cycle Ind Co Ltd

Pao Yaw Ent Co Ltd

Ryh Chyi Ind Ltd

New Eleven Ent Inc

Sheng An Co Ltd

Chon Pin Ent Co Ltd

Jimson Plastic Ind Co Ltd

Yuan Chin Ent Co Ltd

Li Yang Ent Co Ltd

Seng Ton Transportation Implements Co Ltd

Hung Ya Ind Co Ltd (Propalm Ind Co Ltd)

Zylux Acoustic Corp

Excellent Cable Co Ltd

Pingood Ent Co Ltd

Taipei Bicycle Co Ltd

Chien Hsin An Thai Ind Co Ltd

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