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Information technology (IT) and Internet
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Pomtop Corp

Asian Pacific Services

Nowa Tech Co Ltd

Waffer Technology Corp

Alfa Network Inc

Tauch Ind Co Ltd

J & S United Technology Corp

Sheng Wei Ke Ji Co., Ltd.

Technical Supplies Inc

Sinopulsar Technology Inc.

Zonet Technology Inc

Ability Ent Co Ltd

Geetek Electronics Co Ltd

Ting Fong Int'l Co Ltd

Tom Plastic Co Ltd

Hank Connection Ind Co Ltd

K.S. Terminals Inc

Advance Creative Computer Corp

Built-In Precision Machine Co Ltd

A-D Technology,Incorporated

Uniwise Information Corporation

Agon-Tech Corp

Epct Corporation

Infodisc Technology Co Ltd

Jeritronics Ltd

Akica Phototec Corp

Shinlee Corp

Chailease Finance Co Ltd

International Holy Inc

Taiwan Union Technology Co

New Skill C&C Corp

Pacific Engineers & Constructors Ltd

C & J Profession Products Inc

Object River Information Technology

Universal Electronics & Computer Inc

Daw Shin Ind Co Ltd

Advantech Co Ltd

Behavior Tech Computer Corp

Hunt Electronic Co Ltd

Tutax Technology Co Ltd

Taiwan MKS Corp

Major Ind Co Ltd

AboCom Systems Inc

Transtronic Scale Co Ltd

Sun Storn Ent Co Ltd

Cosnos Inc

Godex Int'l Co Ltd

Sih Yi Enterprise Co., Ltd.

CTS Computer Technology System Corp

Fu Yu Property Co., Ltd.

Acro Work Int'l Corp

Weiyang Electric Wire & Cable Co Ltd

Argosy Research Inc

Mirle Automation Corp

Wamtek Techranking Nology Co., Ltd.

Zero One Technology Co Ltd

Chuan Rong Ind Co Ltd

WaterCom System Corp

AND Electronics Co Ltd

Intracom Asia Co Ltd

Eastern Electronic Co Ltd

Winic Corp

Kinyo Co Ltd

Equus Inc

Some Chances Ind Co Ltd

Kaimei Electronic Corp

Kuang Young Products Corp

Southern Information Systems Inc

Solomon Solutions Service

Abico Automation Co Ltd

Zyxel Communications Corp

Cradle Technology Corp

Financial Information Service Co Ltd

Helix Tech Inc

Intellisys Corp

Katron Technologies Inc

U-Fo Top-Tech Co Ltd

Taiwan Turbo Technology Co Ltd

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