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American Life Insurance Co Taiwan Branch

Winterthur Life (Taiwan Branch)

ING Antai Life Insurance Co Ltd

Aetna Life Insurance Co of America

Uwcb. Futures Corp

Chin Fon Commercial Bank

Entie Cml Bank

UOB Bullion & Futures Ltd (Taiwan Branch)

Manufacturers Life Insurance Co of America Taiwan Branch

Union Bank of Taiwan

China Life Insurance Co Ltd

Chung Kuo Insurance Co Ltd

Bank of Kaohsiung

Taitung Business Bank

Taichung Business Bank

KGI Futures Co Ltd

Yuanta Futures Co Ltd

United World Chinese Cml Bank

Land Bank of Taiwan

Taitung District Business Bank

Taiwan Cooperative Bank

Chailease Finance Co Ltd

Taiwan Int'l Futures Corp

Seaward Futures Corp

Fuh-Hwa Securities Finance Corp

American Express Int'l (Taiwan) Inc

Bank Sinopac Co Ltd

Taiwan Int'l Patent & Law Office

SinoPac Securities Corp Ltd

Pacific Securities Co Ltd

The Bank Of Nova Scotia Taipei Branch

Yang Ju Industries Corp.

Hsbc Global Asset Management (Taiwan) Ltd.

Fil Securities Taiwan Limited

Kgi Securities Investment Trust Co., Ltd.

Kbc Concord Asset Management Co. Ltd.

Toys"R"Us (Taiwan) Trading Limited

Cathay Securities Investment Trust Co., Ltd

Lin Trading Co., Ltd.

Mingtai Fire & Marine Insurance Co Ltd

The Tai Ping Insurance Co Ltd

National Capital Management Corp

Transcend Securities Investment Trust Co., Ltd.

Olive Trading Co., Ltd.

Renow International Co., Ltd.

Fareast Metal International Co., Ltd.

Sinopac Securities Investment Trust Co., Ltd.

Narvik Industrial Co., Ltd.

E Hong Trading Co., Ltd.

Vasto Taiwan Co., Ltd.

Cardif Assur Ance Vif, Taiwan Branch

Ibt Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Pca Securities Investment Trust Corp. Ltd.

Bonny Industries Co., Ltd.

Asset Industrial Co., Ltd.

Jpmorgan Asset Management Taiwan Ltd.

Shin Kong Investment Trust Co., Ltd.

Invesco Taiwan Limited

Yuanta Securities Investment Trust Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corp.

Dah Chang Securities Co., Ltd.

Tai Wan Tu Di Yin Hang Co., Ltd. Bei Tao Yuan Fen Gong Sih

Titanco International Taiwan Ltd.

Tai E Trading Co., Ltd.

Million Rise Trading Corp.

Ctw Holdings Corporation

Cojaft International Co., Ltd.

Chi Chien Trading Co., Ltd.

Tojin Corporation

Wedar Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Good Orient Industry Co., Ltd.

Pine Bridge Investments Management Taiwan Ltd.

Gold Partners (Asia) Limited (Hong Kong)

Bank of Nova Scotia,The Taipei Branch

Sherwood Inc.

Paradigm Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Elite Risk Services Limited

Quatek Holding Inc.

Sui Hong Trading Co., Ltd.

Mingsware Corporation

Chc Healthcare Group

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