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ET Metal Co., Ltd.

ET METAL CO., LTD. is specialized at production of metallurgical parts/ sintered metals, including 3 categories: Iron series, Copper series and Stainless series. ETM provides a wide variety of mechanical industries, such as agricultural machinery, power tools, automotive, house hardware, ship- building and so on, with high-quality mechanical parts. Each of the managers owns more than 10 years of experience upon mechanical design and manufacturing. The production plant has over 20 years history on this expertise. The current customers are distributed all over America, Europe and Asia. Sintered parts have 3 major advantages: material context flexibility, high-precision by mold-based mass production and low cost due to inherent automation feasibility. The material can be customerized by chemical composition formula so that most mechanical strength such as ductility, tensile strength and hardness can be fulfilled at the same time. Since it is made by molds, then the tolerance of dimensions can be up to 5 microns or better. The delivery cycle can be shortened and the unit prices can be further reduced owing to mass production so that enormous stock in conventional manner is not completely necessary for the buyers. You will not regret to use our metal products. Main Products: sintered metal parts, sintered metal components, powder metal parts, powder metal components, powder metallurgy parts, sintered parts, powder metals, sintered metals, sinter bush, sinter gear

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