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Aug 31 2019

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Date: August 31, 2019 4:00 AM

Location: https://netforumpro.com/eWeb/DynamicPage.aspx?Site=NASBITE&WebCode=EventList&FromSearchControl=Yes

The NASBITE Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) certification is based on a 165 question, multiple-choice exam.
Exam Format
  • 165 multiple choice questions – 150 of these questions as “testable” questions and count toward your final exam score; 15 questions are pre-test questions that NASBITE International is testing at this time. The pre-test questions do not count towards your exam score. Pretest questions are randomly distributed throughout the exam.
  • All questions are multiple choice questions that feature four choices and only one correct answer.
  • You have 3-hours (180 minutes) available to take the exam, although candidates should plan on spending some time before the exam to set up with the virtual proctor
  • A running time-clock appears in the upper right-hand corner of the exam screen, so you can easily monitor the time available to you.
The CGBP certifies that a candidate is competent in the following four primary domains:
  1. Global Business Management
  2. Global Marketing
  3. Supply Chain Management
  4. Trade Finance
Within each area are the following five “Threads”, which cross all four areas listed above:
  1. Documentation
  2. Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  3. Intercultural Awareness
  4. Technology
  5. Resources
Within each of these areas and threads, there are tasks and knowledge statements tested through the CGBP exam. The tasks and knowledge statements can be found on the  NASBITE Practice Delineation.
Exam Qualifications
  • The CGBP is designed to meet the needs of individuals working in the profession or studying for a career related to global commerce. Candidates from both small and large companies will benefit as will students in two or four year degree programs. The credential is also suitable for individuals working in trade assistance organizations, trade promotion agencies, and related educational institutions.
  • In order to sit for the CGBP exam, the candidate must have completed either two years of college-level study (in any field), or have worked in the field of global commerce for two or more years.
  • When registering for the exam you will be asked to submit qualification documents to verify your college and/or work experience. Documents must be submitted prior to taking the exam. Examples of qualification documents are resumes, transcripts, etc.
Achieving Certification
  • To receive the NASBITE CGBP designation a candidate must pass the CGBP exam and have completed either two-years of college-level study, or have worked in global commerce for two years.
  • Scores on the CGBP Examination are reported as scaled scores where the highest possible score is 800 and the lowest reported score is 200. A scaled score of at least 500 is required to pass the examination.
  • The national CGBP Examination is criterion-referenced. That means your exam score is not compared to others who took the exam (often known as test-curving). Rather, your score is based strictly on the number of questions answered correctly. There is no deduction for wrong answers so you should answer all questions – even ones for which you are not sure of the answer.
  • The passing score on the CGBP Examination was determined by a panel of experts in the field of international business. Candidates must obtain the minimum scaled score of 500 to pass regardless of when or where they take the exam. A scaled score is reported rather than a raw score because the scaled score will not vary due to slight differences from test to test. There is no minimum or maximum number of candidates that will be awarded the CGBP designation for each exam.
  • Candidates are notified if they passed the exam within four weeks after the close of a test window. Candidates will receive notification their score total, and their score in each of the four domains.
  • The exam is closed book. You are not permitted to bring any notes or resources to the exam. Calculators are not needed and are not permitted.
Exam Fees
The  exam fee for first time exam takers is $395.00. Candidates are allowed to retest if they do not pass the exam on the first try. However, candidates may not take the exam more than twice in one year.
Retake fees are as follows:
  • Exam Registration (Failed Exam) – $150.00
  • Exam Registration (No Show on Exam) – $100.00
Payment Forms

Major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) and checks are accepted forms of payment.
Refund Policy

All exam fees are  non-refundable.
Registering Online
  • When registering online for your exam, be sure to select the correct exam fee. If you are unsure about your past exam status, please contact NASBITE Headquarters.
  • If you select the “Bill Me” option when paying for your exam online, you will be sent an invoice for your exam registration. Your exam invoice must be paid by the registration deadline for your window or you will not be permitted to test. If payment has not been received by the registration deadline, you will be removed from the testing window.

CGBP Benefits
Candidates receiving the NASBITE CGBP designation may use the credential logo and wordmark on resumes and business cards identifying them to employers and the public as individuals proficient in global commerce. For companies, the credential establishes a professional development goal for current and future employees. The credential also helps individuals diversify their skills in global commerce and assure they understand a broad range of topics rather than just the specific field within international trade that they have experienced.  Learn more about  CGBP Careers.
Click here to download a quick reference guide that outlines the certification and its requirements.
Learn more about  Preparing for the CGBP Exam
REGISTER for the CGBP Exam
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Jersey Gems

Aug 31 2019

Press release

Jersey Gems

Date: August 31, 2019 4:00 AM

Featuring New Jersey's top exporters and the story behind their success.

JBH WorldWide LLC
Established in 2003, JBH Worldwide is a fully licensed Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker that specializes in Auto and Heavy Equipment Export Shipping to numerous ports all over the world.
Located in Central, NJ, we are your experienced Customs Clearance Professionals for your export shipping and import shipping needs.
We can arrange the pickup, cleaning, repair services, containerization of all types of products even large Caterpillar Export Shipping loads.
Providing exceptional Customer Service for over ten years, we’ve fostered many lasting partnerships and are constantly seeking new relationships.
Check out the different sections of our website. There you will find more details regarding our many services that we provide.
Journey Begins Here For all freight needs. We would be delighted to prepare a speculative quote for you and your new customers.
This presents added value to your new customer as they can budget shipping costs. We’ll provide a 24-hour turnaround quote for any domestic or international shipment.


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Environmental management: Mayser grows with the requirements

Aug 25 2019


Environmental management: Mayser grows with the requirements

Date: August 25, 2019 10:00 PM

Tenth TÜV certification

Since 2010 the experts from TÜV Süd have visited the Mayser locations in Ulm once per year to audit the company’s environmental management system. In May, this audit was completed for the tenth time – and Mayser once again received the ISO 14001 certification. However, both the auditors and those being audited are aware that the process of developing into an environmentally friendly company is never complete. Because the requirements continue to grow year for year.

Mayser can continue to develop and improve with respect to environmental protection only if everyone participates actively. This starts with little things. Some examples: Opening windows briefly to air out a room, not leaving windows open for extended periods, closing windows, doors and gates before leaving work evenings and weekends, or turning off lights not needed if there is sufficient daylight. Examples such as these from the current audit are intended to sensitize employees and make them aware of the potentials for daily inattentiveness with respect to the use of resources.

“Every day we experience from our customers that good work pays off”, says Thorsten Paech, Director of Quality Management at Mayser. “This quality can be achieved only if we all constantly strive to continue improving. Also with respect to environmental management.” The report of the environmental management officer confirms that Mayser is highly committed to achieving the company’s goals. Seven of eight environmental goals were achieved in 2018. For example, the machine park was expanded to include three new injection moulding machines that are optimized for energy efficiency, and highly efficient lighting and water heating systems were installed in new offices.
For 2019, Mayser has again set ambitious goals, which require the active participation of all employees. Paper used for printing should be reduced by 10 percent, for example, and ink even by 20 percent.

Maybe you too would be interested in Mayser as an employer? Here is a list of open positions.
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Mayser gains PSI as new sales partner

Aug 25 2019


Mayser gains PSI as new sales partner

Date: August 25, 2019 10:00 PM

Expansion of distribution network in Ireland

This year Mayser gained PSI, which specialises in pneumatics and sensors, as a new sales partner. This cooperation will allow Mayser to further expand the sales network in Ireland and to provide extensive consulting services for the customers located there. Another advantage: We can better assess the local market situation and respond faster to changes. Mayser employee Kim Wiker has already visited PSI, to prepare the team for its new task in an in-depth product training program. The cooperation can therefore begin as planned on 1 July.

The Irish experts

PSI founder Michael Murphy has 20 years of experience in the industry. In 2013 he founded his own company, PSI, with headquarters in Piltown, in southern Ireland. PSI represents leading brands in the areas of pneumatics, sensors, automated processes, and vacuum technologies. All of these sectors include non-intuitive products, such as the USi®, in their product portfolio. In such cases, in-person consulting and the ability to demonstrate the product to the customer can be very important for successful marketing. In addition to the company’s broad expertise, close relations to other firms in the sector make PSI the ideal partner for Mayser.
For more information about PSI please visit: www.psireland.ie
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Standard Continuous Hinges

Aug 25 2019

Product Information

Standard Continuous Hinges

Date: August 25, 2019 5:00 AM

Standard Continuous Hinges:
  • Our standard continuous hinges are assembled with pins and leaves of the same metal, leaves of equal widths laying flat in the same plane in an open position and having 270 degrees of travel.
  • Our steel, stainless, and aluminum hinges are standard without holes.  Attach them to your applications with spot welding, tack welding or drilling holes at assembly.
  • Our brite-annealed, brass pre-plate and nickel pre-plate hinges are standard with holes punched and countersunk on two inch centers.
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Better protection for thermal sensors

Aug 22 2019

New product

Better protection for thermal sensors

Date: August 22, 2019 10:00 PM

Manufacturer hotset develops innovative connection head made of hybrid material

With the new connection head HPS 400 the thermodynamics specialist hotset expands the technical range of thermosensors and RTDs of its product hotcontrol. Due to its heat resistance of up to 400° C and a tensile strength of more than 120 N, the connection head provides the sensors with very good thermal and mechanical stability at the critical transition zone from the measuring tip to the compensating leads. Especially under extreme conditions during temperature measurement, this increases operational reliability as well as the life of the sensors.

Whether in process technology, injection molding or electronics, whether in hot runner systems or in analysis equipment for medical technology - the recording, measuring and monitoring of temperatures is one of the most important disciplines in almost all technical areas. Within the hotcontrol product range, the thermodynamics specialist hotset offers a large selection of high-quality thermosensors and RTDs. Due to the intensive development at the headquarters in Lüdenscheid and at the manufacturing plant in Malta, hotset can regularly extent this portfolio and thus increase the innovative scope of his customers. The youngest child of hotset's creative minds is the new HPS 400 connection or transition head for the thermal sensors of the hotcontrol series. The component is now available and can impress with two decisive features: Like the transition heads made of stainless steel that have been - and are still - available, the HPS 400 has a very high temperature stability of 400° C and is also characterised by a high tensile strength of over 120 N. The HPS 400 is also available in a variety of different versions. For many measurement and testing applications - for example in high-voltage or e-mobility applications - this offers numerous advantages. Like a longer life of the sensors, more design possibilities during installation, higher operational reliability, installation without additional protective measures and much more.

Important connection
The transition head of thermosensors and RTDs fulfills a number of important tasks which should not be underestimated. "The connecting head has a housing function and is located at a neuralgic point of the sensors. It is responsible for the full protection of the fragile connection between the fine measuring tip and the wafer-thin compensating leads. In concrete terms, this means that the head must seal against moisture, ensure strain relief and, above all, be resistant to high temperatures," explains Adrian Strojny, Product Manager at hotset. In addition, one must know that at the measuring tip of a thermosensor temperatures of up to 1,100° C can be applied and the compensation leads are designed for up to 400° C - in special cases also up to 600° C. The transition or connection head must be able to keep up with this.

On the way to the optimal material
The way to the new HPS 400 led the hotset developers through several test stages with different materials. In addition to the usual standard requirements (moisture density, electrical insulation, etc.), the third objective was that it can be used for injection molding. "Our first approaches with different technical plastics did not meet our high demands. But when we started working with composite materials, a solution emerged," reports Adrian Strojny.
The decision was finally made in favour of an innovative hybrid material that meets all the requirements and has since proven its practical suitability in initial pilot series. "This material is an ideal solution. Its temperature resistance is even higher than the 400° C we require and allows us to produce the new HPS 400 by injection molding - much faster and cheaper than the stainless steel heads," says Adrian Strojny.

New fields of application and more safety
The connection head HPS 400 is a great enrichment for the hotcontrol product line and opens up new applications in higher temperature ranges for the users of hotset thermosensors and RTDs. Thanks to the already mentioned high tensile strength of more than 120 N, it also proves to be extremely resistant to mechanical loads. Furthermore, the new connection head is also water- and dustproof to IP 67 (depending on the lead). It is currently available for mineral insulated thermosensors and RTDs with diameters of 1.0 and 1.5 mm. Further versions are already in preparation.
By the way: If you would like to know more details about the new HPS 400 from hotset, you can already look forward to this year's K Show (16.-23.10.2019) in Düsseldorf. There, the new connection head will be one of the technical highlights at the company's stand in Hall 1 (Stand A20).
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Elesa unique Ergostyle® design – a market responsive approach

Aug 22 2019

Press release

Elesa unique Ergostyle® design – a market responsive approach

Date: August 22, 2019 12:05 PM

As a worldwide manufacturer/distributor, Elesa have rather shorter lines of communication with their customers than might otherwise be the case – a situation which allows them to focus their manufacturing expertise on rapid response and highly detailed product designs.
Elesa are delighted to share the results of this in the provision of their Ergostyle® brand, coupled with the elecolors™ program.
Ergostyle® standard components carry an identifying 5 dot logo which denotes soft-touch for special comfort, soft-style for special visual aesthetics, comfort moulded design for ease of operation giving powerful action for low effort. Fitting neatly with this specialist range is the elecolors™ program enabling users to co-ordinate or feature a number of colour options to match corporate, safety or functional identification needs.
Explained Nigel Pritchett, M.D. at Elesa (UK), “we know what manufacturers want in their component supply from our worldwide relationship with our customers who, like us, are manufacturers themselves.”
Ergostyle® premium line components cover the spectrum of control levers, handwheels, knobs, crank handles, wing nuts, grab handles, pull handles, adjustable handles, lobe knobs, door locks, bridge handles and related items.
Elecolors™ are available in a selection of industrial colours across much of the Ergostyle® range where typically inserts, caps and buttons can be specified to suit the application.
Further information regarding Elesa Ergostyle® products may be found at: www.elesa.com/en/elesab2bstoreuk/high-performing-items--1/ergostyle®--1 or follow them on twitter: www.twitter.com/ElesaUK.
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DCD Sydney

Aug 14 2019

Participate in an event

DCD Sydney

Date: August 14, 2019 11:00 PM

Location:  International Convention Centre, Sydney, Australia

DCD delivers a world leading series of events across five continents and a powerful global digital media portfolio - devoted to data center scale IT infrastructure that supports transformation in Cloud, IoT, Smart Cities and across the Zettabyte economy.

DCD connects the market-makers, informing, influencing and instigating change and development throughout this exciting sector.

The digitalisation of the Australian economy continues apace, and recent DCD research confirms that of all the countries in APAC, Australia is the most likely to invest directly in infrastructure as part of a transformative process. 

Piping Systems for all critical cooling needs
Owners and operators of data centers can apply the solutions by GF Piping Systems for the quicker set up and more efficient, reliable operation across the entire service life of their data centers. The innovative solutions allow the reduction of the energy costs for piping systems by 25 percent on average and the easier complience with the increasing environmental regulations. Continuous project monitoring ensures maximum safety. 
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Market-leading component supplier Elesa are delighted to offer the broad range of their RE series castors and wheels in a variety of materials specifically oriented toward dealing with industrial surfaces, loads, operational requirements and environmental demands such as chemicals and temperatures.
This large and diverse range of castors and wheels meet the challenges of applications from trolleys to stillages, mobile equipment to transit cases.
Elesa explain that the strength of their RE product offer lies in the combination of the manufacturing and materials of the different components. This is exemplified in their vulcanized/injected rubber wheels, moulded-on or injected polyurethane wheels with combination or monolithic wheels. Tough wheels match with robust swivel or fixed brackets in steel or stainless steel using plain or roller bearing axle sets.
This ability to combine materials, components and designs within a single series allows Elesa to offer specifications to suit loadings and surfaces up to 750kg on tiles, asphalt, concrete, metal mesh and even chippings.
The Elesa RE program addresses customer needs of speed, maneuverability and secure transit in a variety of layout configurations for either manual or mechanical push/touring operation.
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Princeton Mercer regional Chamber Events

Aug 1 2019

Participate in an event

Princeton Mercer regional Chamber Events

Date: August 1, 2019 1:00 PM

Location: Princeton Area

Check out our August 2019 Events.
The Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber will be viewed by our Members as indispensable to their success; acknowledged by civic leaders, government officials and the media as the authoritative voice of the Princeton Area business community; and recognized by the public as an effective catalyst for improving the quality of life for those who visit, work, and live in the greater Princeton Area.
The Mission of the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber is to:
  • Serve our Members – with opportunities to meet and do business with other Members and with resources to enhance their success
  • Speak for Business – with a collective voice on public policy issues affecting business and our communities.
  • Promote an environment for business growth – by encouraging economic development efforts that strengthen the Princeton Area’s reputation and by enhancing the quality of life in the communities we serve.
  • As an organization we are committed to excellence in all aspects of our operations. Led by the Chamber’s Board of community leaders with support from a professional staff, we will ensure that the skills, talents and interests of our Members are effectively utilized and supported and that everyone’s experience with the Chamber is positive and productive.
  • We value our clients. We strive each day to earn the respect of our members and to meet their needs.
  • We value our staff. They are our most important resource.  We encourage, reward and motivate them every day.
  • We value integrity. We adhere to the highest of ethical standards.
  • We value diversity. We respect the variety of people, businesses and ideas in our community and consider this diversity to be an advantage.
  • We value both innovation and tradition. As a proactive and forward-thinking organization, we create meaningful programs that add value to meet the needs of an ever-changing world. We embrace the possibilities of the future while preserving our region’s rich history.
  • We value our Board of Directors.  They lead us with their integrity, their knowledge and their excellence.
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