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Trade shows worldwide Bühler Motor Group

Jan 31 2019


Trade shows worldwide Bühler Motor Group

Date: January 31, 2019 11:00 PM

Pharmapack, Paris (F)
R+T Stuttgart (DE)
Aircraft Interiors Expo, Hamburg (DE)
Wiener Motorensymposium, Wien (AT)
CTI Transmission Expo NA, Novi MI (US)
JSAE Annual Spring Congress, Yokohama (JP)
Aachener Kolloqium, Aachen (DE)
PDA Pre-filled Syringes & Injection Devices, Hunting Beach CA (US)
Internationale Zuliefererbörse (IZB), Wolfsburg (DE)
SAE Thermal Management Systems Symposium, Mesa AZ (US)
Partnership Opportunities in Drug Delivery (PODD), Boston MA (US)
Compamed, Düsseldorf (DE)
sps ipc drives, Nürnberg (DE)
CTI Transmission, Berlin (DE)
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Export Control Services

Jan 31 2019

New service

Export Control Services

Date: January 31, 2019 10:00 PM

MA.RA Logistics comes to exporters with a complex service which guides them to identify and minimize export risks and optimizes the company’s compliance program.
In order to move into the complexity of global markets, it is necessary to comply with the rules and rules on trade in products and services, but an effective Export Control system is needed to verify in particular the legitimacy of military product and technology exchanges and avoid exporting dual-use products.
We offer solutions that give the opportunity to simplify import and export processes, transforming all customs rules into a special advantage for international shipments.
Also in the area of customs compliance, we assist our clients with services such as:
  1. Import-export procedures and verification of the document flow
  2. Tariff and customs classification in individual countries abroad
  3. Calculation and attribution of non-preferential and preferential origin (GSP)
  4. Applying free trade agreements
Because we offer “More than Transport”!
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Jan 31 2019



Date: January 31, 2019 3:00 PM

list of CPNP(The Cosmetic Products Notification Portal) enrolled products 

Seaweed Aqua Ampoule
Shue Ne Ra Hair Shampoo
Shue Ne Ra Hair Toner
Triple Peptide Ampoule
Vital Cream
Vital Moisturizer
Vital Skin Toner
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maxon strengthens its presence in South East Asia

Jan 29 2019


maxon strengthens its presence in South East Asia

Date: January 29, 2019 10:00 PM

Together with its long-term partner Servo Dynamics, drive specialist maxon motor has founded a new sales company for the South East Asia region – a move that also takes into account the changed global economic situation.

South East Asia is on an economic upswing. Countries such as Malaysia have high growth rates and are increasingly advancing into high-tech industries. DC motor and mechatronic system specialist maxon motor is therefore expanding its involvement in the region and now has its own sales company to represent it... read more
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    Electricfor Electric Heating Elements Awarded in a TEDAGUA Project

    Jan 27 2019


    Electricfor Electric Heating Elements Awarded in a TEDAGUA Project

    Date: January 27, 2019 11:00 PM

    Power generation and water treatment is one of the applications that Electricfor  electric heating elements can perform in large projects.
    Recently, one of these projects carried out by  TEDAGUA, a member of the COBRA GROUP (ACS), was awarded for the design, construction and five-year operation of a desalination plant, a transfer line and a drinking water tank in Djibouti for ONEAD, the national water company of this African country.
    Such desalination plant, which has a capacity of 22,500 m3 per day, has benefited from the contribution of two flanged heating units by Electricfor. These are made up of numerous U-shaped rods inside an alloy tube mounted on an ANSI flange.
    Both units also feature a stainless steel connection box specially designed for resistance in humid environments. In addition, separating plates are responsible for the contact between resistances thanks to their uniform distribution throughout the body.
    TEDAGUA's projects, which are also awarded for their efficiency, once again demonstrate Electricfor's potential in the design and manufacture of electrical heating elements. For this reason, and due to its hundred-year experience within this sector, many companies rely on its contribution to large projects.
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    5 Things to Remember from Kompass’ International Convention 2019

    Jan 19 2019

    Press release

    5 Things to Remember from Kompass’ International Convention 2019

    Date: January 19, 2019 5:00 AM

    The 2019 International Kompass Convention took place in Rome, Italy from January 14-16, 2019. Kompass team members traveled from more than 30 countries for this event including Rufiya Blank from Kompass North America. For two and half days, international experts exchanged ideas, new trends and local markets experiences. We summarized the event below and can’t wait for the next year event. Where do you think we should travel next year for the Kompass International Convention?

    Kompass serves companies all over the world, whatever their size, to help them develop their business.
    Kompass provides best B2B database in the world. For more than 70 years, Kompass has provided excellent information in the B2B market. The emergence of digital access to information has greatly increased the role of collecting, processing, and interpreting data all along the decision-making chain.  The Kompass database is structured to constitute a high-performance tool for knowing the industries, the competition, the markets, the players and production. The Kompass team located in more than 60 countries and represent a strong network of International Business Development, Data, Advertising experts.

    5 Things to Remember from Kompass’ International Convention 2019:
    1. The core of Kompass business is not only excellent technology, best international data and multilingual advertising platform, but, most importantly, the people network in more than 60 countries. Strong connection between business professional ready to help each other 24/7.
    2. Kompass  is constantly adding new technologies to answer the digital market needs.
    3. An excellent new team of data experts has been added by Kompass International and in depth data services now is offered by Kompass network.
    4. We created the strong partnerships with the leaders of Global Market Entry and Business Intelligence and offering off-line services to our customers worldwide.
    5. Customer needs are the most important for Kompass network, every country is trying to analyze the market and demand to deliver the customer satisfaction to our global customers.
    This year’s international convention has left us full of energy and excitement for 2019. We look forward to continuing to bring you amazing data and service. For information about our products and services,  please contact us!
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    Elesa UK announce standard machine components for 2019

    Jan 18 2019

    New product

    Elesa UK announce standard machine components for 2019

    Date: January 18, 2019 1:50 PM

    Elesa, as one of the world’s market leading manufacturers, are pleased to announce their continually expanding range of high quality machine components. Elesa have a much-respected history of over 75 years in the design and manufacturing of innovative, ergonomic products, boasting unique design features and advanced quality characteristics.
    Ex-stock and made in Italy are worthwhile claims for components such as handwheels, handles, clamping knobs, position indicators, knobs, latches, hinges, castors and levelling feet – for the economic importance of rapid delivery and the level of design style Elesa offer.
    For 2019 Elesa continue to expand their own range with items in high grade plastics such as the recently introduced rack and gear range, EHEDG certified products and their Elecolours variety option. We expect to see many new Elesa items in 2019 available in more than 60 counties (and increasing) worldwide supporting global developments in the “new” industries of renewable energy and materials recycling which are increasingly partnering with manufacturing philosophies for energy and material conservation.
    Elesa products in 2019 are expected to build on the 39 industrial design awards already achieved and enable their customers to successfully follow the tide of industrial change noted in dealing with the wider global trends of population growth, certification and the needs of managing global warming.
    Further information regarding Elesa products may be found at: www.elesa.com or follow them on twitter: www.twitter.com/ElesaUK.
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     4*8 CNC Wood Machine with Rotary Device

    Jan 17 2019

    Press release

    4*8 CNC Wood Machine with Rotary Device

    Date: January 17, 2019 4:00 PM

    Samples from our Bangladesh customer again! Why we say like this? Because this is not the first time for this customer to share his works and crafts with us. We have said in the previous, this customer bought a set of wood working machine from our factory, and the machine was customized with a set of removable rotary device. So when he finished some new designs, he likes to share with us. Honestly speaking, his jigsaw puzzle works are so much fun. Now, please go to the following to enjoy them.
    It is easier to find that the sample is processed according to the shape of the eagle. And the eagle was made so lively. As for a set of 4*8 cnc wood machine, it’s not a difficult task to process raw material into shape like that. So more and more customer tend to choose this type of classic machine. And the next work is based on the shape of the tank. Our clients record his work from different directions. So today, we can have a chance to view it.
    When you see a simple raw material can be processed so beautifully, are you plan to own a CNC Machine? And if you want to get more information of our machine, welcome to contact us.
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    maxon acquires motor manufacturer Parvalux

    Jan 16 2019


    maxon acquires motor manufacturer Parvalux

    Date: January 16, 2019 10:00 PM

    The maxon motor group is adding another valuable new member: maxon acquired the British geared motor manufacturer Parvalux Electric Motors Ltd. The acquisition expands the maxon portfolio with powerful drives for applications in medical technology and industrial automation, among other fields.
    maxon motor, the specialist for mechatronic drive systems, acquired the British-based Parvalux Electric Motors Ltd. Parvalux has more than 70 years of experience in the development and production of brushed DC motors, AC motors, and gearheads. The company has 185 employees in three production sites in Bournemouth, Dorset. Parvalux generates revenues of 23 million British pounds annually, with just over 40% being exported around the world... read more
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    maxon launches additional EtherCAT motion controllers

    Jan 16 2019


    maxon launches additional EtherCAT motion controllers

    Date: January 16, 2019 10:00 PM

    With the EPOS4 series, maxon is offering a reliable and extremely versatile platform of high-performance motion controllers. It addresses the needs of system integrators and fulfills the requirements of a variety of applications, such as industrial automation, apparatus engineering, and robotics. The platform is now being complemented with two new Compact EtherCAT models.
    The highly successful EPOS4 positioning controllers made by maxon motor are scalable and consistently support a uniform set of functionalities and connection options. Modularity with different designs (module, compact, or encased version) ensures optimal integration in a wide variety of applications. The controllers offer excellent dynamic properties, control quality, and power density while requiring only minimal installation space. In addition, their automatic controller setting makes them ideally suited for easy control of both brushless (BLDC) and brushed DC motors... read more
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    With ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC, ISO-Chemie is setting a new benchmark in terms of multi-functional tape 4.0. This innovative hybrid technology combines the high resistance to air and driving rain provided by window connection films with the optimum expansion force and high long-term capacity to absorb movement of pre-compressed PUR soft foam.
    “ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC combines the quality features of premium window connection films with the benefits of high quality BG 1 and BG R-certified multi-functional joint sealing tapes”, explains Inge Knorn, the successful sealing specialist’s Marketing Manager. ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC stands out from conventional multi-functional joint sealing tapes with its exceptional functional characteristics.
    100% reliability in terms of energy efficiency and resistance to air and driving rain
    Multiple film barrier layers make the 3-layer tape totally air tight on the room side (a-value of 0.00 m3/[h·m·(daPa)n]). Uncontrolled convection heat losses or draughts via the window connection joint are thus no longer an issue. This should be particularly welcomed by building owners since the strict separation of internal and external climates brings considerable energy savings, all in line with EnEV requirements and the forthcoming 2020 EU Buildings Directive. This airtight joint sealing also has a positive effect on the building’s energy passport and the blower door test results.
    In the functional area, the innovative tape has excellent acoustic and thermal insulation values while, in the weather protection layer, it offers outstanding resistance to driving rain (1,050 Pa). This important aspect can represent a far-sighted product solution in view of advancing climate change with the associated violent storms and torrential rain.
    Integration of several barrier layers guarantees optimum transportation of humidity to the outside. This allows the joint to dry out rapidly, preventing structural damage due to mould. ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC thus conforms to the “inside tighter than outside” principle of the RAL “Installation guide” and has three sealing layers that work independently of one another.
    “Total air-tightness, maximum thermal protection and high resistance to driving rain to take account of climate change, combined with long-term capacity to absorb movement; these are mandatory requirements for modern buildings, passive and zero-energy houses,” stresses Andreas Lange, Technology & Training Manager at ISO-Chemie. He firmly believes that planners, installers and building owners will be on the safe side if they use the unique hybrid technology of ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC! ISO-Chemie provides a 10-year functional warranty for the BG 1 and BG R-certified multi-functional joint sealing tape.
    Ease of installation and excellent functional reliability
    The impregnated PUR soft foam is self-adhesive on one side for ease of installation. The tape is glued to the window frame in a single step. This can reduce the time required to less than ¼ compared to conventional window fitting with films.
    The multi-functional joint sealing tape’s excellent expansion capacity is also worth a look. It permanently and reliably smooths over uneven joints and absorbs movements. The exceptional range of joint applications enables joints from 6 – 40 mm wide to be reliably sealed with just a single tape dimension. The product is available in tapes widths from 30 – 100 mm to suit the window construction depth.
    With the trail-blazing ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC hybrid technology, ISO-Chemie has made the leap to multi-functional tape 4.0. The building sealing solution manufacturer has already applied for patent protection for its ground-breaking new development. You will find more information at: www.iso-chemie.com/hybratec
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    Jan 13 2019



    Date: January 13, 2019 4:00 PM


    - 提高他们的 知名度
    - 利用康帕斯 数据丰富他们的客户数据库,
    - 使他们的数据库 更有效率
    - 改善他们在购买和销售流程中的 表现
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    Netherlands Customer Visiting, 4*8 ATC Wood Working Machinery

    Jan 10 2019

    Press release

    Netherlands Customer Visiting, 4*8 ATC Wood Working Machinery

    Date: January 10, 2019 4:00 PM

    This time, our factory attracts some new customers. And they came from Netherlands that want to purchase a set of wood working machinery for their own. They were engaged in the area of furniture. To meet their needs or requirements, they made contacted with our sales. At first, they talked via email or whatsapp. After knowing their requirements and budgets, our sales made several plans and recommend several sets of machine for them.
    They were satisfied with our sales and the machine that recommended. And this was the first time for them to purchase machine from China. With this reason, they chose to came to Jinan and visited our factory directly. Together with our engineer, our sales accompanied our customer to visit around our factory. There were lots of machines which rang from size to color on the way to their host. Meanwhile, they were interested in ATC CNC Machine. So one of the ATC CNC Machines was select randomly for processing.
    Everything went well. Our machine satisfied them very much. So They decided to made order with us at once. The story between us has just begun, and we will share more good works or news next time.
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    Jan 10 2019

    New product


    Date: January 10, 2019 4:00 PM

    地区    企业数量(家)
    本岛       10954
    新界       10330
    九龙       17651
    总计       39033
    02 - 农业和林业       245
    03 - 食品       839
    04 - 饮料       386
    11 - 皮革及其制品       836
    12 - 纺织品       863
    13 - 服装和鞋类       3931
    14 - 木材,木制品,机械和设备,用于木工行业       302
    15 - 家具和家纺       602
    16 - 纸和纸板       868
    17 - 印刷和出版       667
    18 - 橡胶制品       210
    20 - 塑料制品       1365
    21 - 化学基础材料       486
    22 - 化学品       693
    23 - 卫生,医疗和制药       449
    24 - 卫生和清洁       954
    25 - 初级金属制品       358
    26 - 建筑用金属构件       126
    27 - 金属管道,阀门和容器       212
    28 - 五金制品,刀具和工具       744
    29 - 安防设备       287
    31 - 玻璃,水泥和陶瓷       572
    32 - 内燃机和机械零配件       226
    33 - 暖气,通风设备,空调和制冷设备       410
    37 - 金属加工机械       118
    39 - 电气设备,核设备       10340
    40 - 电子设备和电信设备       3042
    42 - 测量和测试仪器       251
    43 - 光学,摄影和电影设备       490
    45 - 宝石加工,制表和首饰       2496
    46 - 运动和休闲设备       2273
    48 - 农林机械和设备       158
    49 - 食品,饮料,烟草和饮食业机械和设备       410
    56 - 印刷设备,办公设备和商店设备       643
    57 - 信息技术和互联网       1524
    61 - 土木工程和建筑机械和设备       239
    65 - 工业转包商       265
    66 - 运输设备       374
    71 - 建筑工业       457
    72 - 环保服务,可替代能源的       113
    75 - 运输和物流服务       772
    78 - 住宿、旅游、酒店和餐饮服务业       258
    79 - 邮政、电信、广播电视       133
    80 - 商业服务       1352
    81 - 一般贸易商,百货店和零售商店       1314
    82 - 金融和保险服务       1788
    84 - 技术服务公司和工程顾问,建筑设计师(院所)       879
    86 - 教育和培训       145
    89 - 休闲,文化和娱乐业       224
    总计:       39033

    成立年代   企业数量(家)
    1977              248
    1978              311
    1979              296
    1980              415
    1981              409
    1982              385
    1983              384
    1984              506
    1985              585
    1986              543
    1987              721
    1988              776
    1989              851
    1990              751
    1991              1122
    1992              1206
    1993              1224
    1994              1147
    1995              998
    1996              1070
    1997              1137
    1998              970
    1999              1151
    2000              1351
    2001              1176
    2002              1227
    2003              1261
    2004              1175
    2005              1044
    2006              875
    2007              685
    2008              461
    2009              257
    小计              26718

    五、     文件格式:.xls。
    六、     交付办法:我们收到贵方汇款后,5个工作日内把文件用邮件或QQ发给您。收到汇款后,我们会给您开具和快递发票。



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    传真:010 6424 8806
    Email: LHP@Kompass.com.cn

    康帕斯 KOMPASS,全球领先的B2B电子商务集团,60余年历史,60国和地区子公司,60国和地区2100万家企业信息,25种网站语言,月500万采购和营销专家查询。

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    Jan 7 2019

    New product


    Date: January 7, 2019 3:00 PM

    All the people who make up every morning think like "I've got too many cosmteics to put on in the early morning"
    or "Can I reduce time to make up?". All though, the reason why this kind of thought doesn’t lead to change existing product is because "its not easy to reduce make-up time but still remain quality of make-up in the same time". reducing process of make-up is not likely to make up done very well and so many products that doesn't seem to be truthworthy. BACKOREA finally found out the best balance foundation with multi functions gives good cover-up and long-lasting. BBAC ALLINONE MULTIFOUNDATION, best fit color for asian including pink beige and natural beige, also enable woman skin moisture and glosy. the most remarkable feature of this product is that after applied base make-up it's possible to express bright skin color. it contains suncare function SPF 50+ so there is no need to put sunscreen, and also function of primer gives soft skin texture and long-lasting cover up. This bbac foundation is scheduled to open it's official onlin mall and many route to approach customers. after then it's also scheduled to launch various line of base-makeup from BACKOREA which is expected to bring some changes in cosmetics market.
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    After-Sales Service in Ukraine, 4*8 ft ATC CNC Machine

    Jan 6 2019

    Press release

    After-Sales Service in Ukraine, 4*8 ft ATC CNC Machine

    Date: January 6, 2019 4:00 PM

    News! Our engineer Gary went to Ukraine for technical support. Once our engineer went to a new place, he would share some stories and photos with us. And this time is no exception. Now, let’s enjoy what he have shared one hour ago.
    This customer is engaged in furniture industry. With his needs and requirements, he bought a set of 4*8 ft ATC CNC machine from our factory. When the machine was shipped to his hand, he send an invitation to us. So our engineer Gary began his trip again.
    Our engineer Gary stayed there for several day to provide technical supports for our customer. The machine  our customer ordered is shown below. Can you find some features of this type of machine?
    One of the classic ATC CNC Machines. Various of tools can be changed automatically in the processing, which can save time of tool changing.
    Moving your eyes to the machine’s spindle, it was customized according to our customer own needs. It is easier to find from the video that the spindle can swing 180 degree to do three-dimensional processing. Therefor, The machine has its own advantage in processing cabinet door, tables, chairs and some others. And focus your eyes to the next image.
    Everything went very well, and this customer was satisfied with our machine and our services. If you met some problem in the stage of using CNC machine, welcome to contact us.
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    Henriques & Henriques renews its Website

    Jan 6 2019


    Henriques & Henriques renews its Website

    Date: January 6, 2019 12:00 AM

    Henriques & Henriques, SA has just launched its new Website presenting itself with a renewed, more modern and appealing image, gathering detailed information in an integrated way about the company and its products. This new platform is a clear emphasis of Henriques & Henriques in boosting its presence in the digital world and searching for new markets, aiming, in particular, the increase of its exports, with its new Website available in 9 languages: Portuguese, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Hindi and Chinese. On this Website, you can get to know better the activities of Henriques & Henriques, the products it develops and trades, as well as stay tuned to the latest news. This new platform provides a reserved area for its customers to gain access to exclusive information and documentation.
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    Recently, one of our Canadian customers wrote a long article to describe his own experience of purchasing machine from our factory, and he post it on the cnczone to let more people who has the same interests of cnc machine to see his real experience. And this is the link of his experience, it’s really worth reading and enjoying.
    Our customer bought a set of 1530 CNC Wood Machine from us. As usual, when we got inquiry from our customer, his or her real needs and requirements of machine were what we should to learn and find. Then, our professional sales recommend a suitable machine for all of you. Did you notice that our customer said he got to pick his own colors. Except for colors, all the specifications of machine are allowed to be customized according to your own needs or likes.
    Seeing is believe. Now, enjoy the video of machine’s processing. We have professional sales and technicians, and if you have some problems or questions in the stage of using machine, you can send messages or give us a call directly. We hope our customer’s purchasing experience will do some helps for you.
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    The ISO-Chemie family of in-front-of-wall installation system products has a new member. The new ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 1” E30 IN-FRONT-OF-WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM was specially designed for use in fire protection facades.
    E30 to EN 1366-4
    The intumescent components of the new PURATHERM E30 material create an expansion effect when exposed to significant heat levels. In the event of a fire, this effectively prevents joints being formed due to loss of material, which could allow the fire to spread. The fire resistance rating was tested to EN 1366-4 and classified as E30.
    Fitting in the thermal insulation plane
    As with the classic „TYPE 1”, the new E30 type variant allows window and door elements to be quickly positioned in the outer thermal insulation plane and securely fixed by mechanical means. The system comprises a thermally insulating and load-bearing system angle made from PURATHERM E30. There are also ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM BOARDS E30 available for applications where the window is only partly overhanging. These can be combined with the system angles to achieve greater overhangs.
    Use where special fire safety requirements are in place
    The system angles and system boards are suitable for applications where special fire protection requirements are in place for the load distribution at windows and balcony and patio doors. They also provide an optimum base for correct 3-layer sealing of window connection joints using products from the ISO³-WINDOW SEALING SYSTEM. ISO-Chemie’s RAL quality-tested multi-functional joint sealing tape ISO-BLOCO ONE is particularly suitable for this application.
    Simple to fit - saving time
    The window and door elements are attached directly and mechanically to the supporting frame system. This can be done both with classic screw fixings through the window frame or using extended metal lug fixings. The in-front-of-wall installation system is then covered with an external wall insulation system.
    ISO-TOP WINFRAMER SYSTEM BRACKETS „TYPE 1” E30 and SYSTEM BOARDS E30 are prefabricated in many different formats and can be cut to length on site using a mitre saw. As with the classic “TYPE 1”, they are attached to the masonry using ISO-TOP FLEXIBLE ADHESIVE WF combined with additional standard fixing bolts.
    Fitting is made even easier by the user-friendly push-fit connections. The tongue and groove design supplied as standard allows the ends of the system angles to be fitted together quickly and easily, which means they can be attached by one person working on their own.
    Complies with ETB guidelines
    The in front of wall installation system ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 1” E30 fulfils the technical rules for use when fitting windows with safety glass.
    Calculation of the four load cases & preliminary structural analysis
    ISO-Chemie can help customers to calculate and draw up stress analysis reports for fixing components in and in front of the supporting façade. This is done using the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER STATIC TOOL which was developed specifically for this purpose. The tool is used to calculate the four load cases (“Self-weight dead load”, “Wind load”, “Open casement” and “Open casement with additional load”) for in-front-of-wall installation and to draw up a project-specific structural analysis. The tool can be accessed at our ISO-PORTAL (portal.iso-chemie.eu/statiktool).
    10-year functional warranty
    The durability and reliability of our innovative in-front-of-wall installation system are backed up by the 10-year functional warranty. The material is extremely resistant to ageing. It is resistant decay and rotting, mould and termites. Another feature is the excellent resistance to humidity. The system remains extremely dimensionally stable, even when exposed to the weather for long periods.
    With its IN-FRONT-OF-WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 1” E30 (patent pending), ISO-Chemie can now offer the perfect solution for fire protection façades. You will find more information about the ISO-Chemie in-front-of-wall installation system at: www.iso-chemie.com/winframer
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    Kompass’ Launches A Web Series

    Jan 1 2019


    Kompass’ Launches A Web Series

    Date: January 1, 2019 5:00 AM

    Kompass has launched our first ever web series. Enjoy the adventures of JP, our marketing manager. Who is forced, on several occasions, by his management, to  face many challenges to boost the performance of his company. So do not hesitate and come follow us with talented JP. It will make you discover Kompass, and the solutions that we can bring you.
    Episode 1: Looking for new customers
    The adventure of JP, our beloved character is always on the lookout for innovation and full of enthusiasm in his missions. He is looking for  new customers because his base of prospection is exhausted.
    After much reflection, relaxation session, and calls to collaborators it finds its solution. Bravo JP, who wins his challenge!  #Missionbaseclients
    Episode 2: Performing Visibility
    The challenge of the day of our accomplished researcher JP:
    Properly position your website in the search engines! After fighting tooth and nail with our dear friend Google, JP will appeal to a friend. Thanks to Jerome for blowing the answer. #Missionmotors accomplished! Thank you JP!
    Episode 3: Updating the data
    Looking forward to discover the new mission of our favorite JP! So what will he still find us?
    Updating Data from a Deprecated  CRM ? Why not? Fortunately that Corinne is not far to put it on the right path. #MissionCRM validated !! Thank you JP
    We can’t wait to see where JP’s next adventure takes him. In the meantime,  contact us with any questions!
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