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Forenex Technology Ltd

Forenex Technology is a company that with strong engineering background for display technology. We provide various of LCD modules for Monochrome ,Color, TFT display. For Monochrome module, we provide a full range of Character & Graphic modules in the worldwide market, Our modules are valid with TN, HTN, STN,FSTN LCD & also with various backlight types for customer's application use. (EL, LED,CCFL). For TFT display, We developed and produced various types of A/D board that can drive with TFT display from 3.5"~32" with MCU, VGA,DVI,CVBS (Composite or Svideo) input. Our RD group personally design & manufacturing the A/D board by ourself, In this case, we can simply modify or adjust our Bios firmware for customer's special requirement. Our RD team can always hear and solved customer's problem in a short time! Furthermore, Forenex have the technology skill for accept customed Driving board project and always provide fast & correct assistance to help customer use the driving kit in a short time. For TFT display, We have good relationship to promote AUO(for digital TFT), Chilin(Analog TFT) Along with our driving board as a complete driving kit. Forenex also provide whole accessories parts for the TFT kit, such as Inverter, LED driver board, cables etc. So, our customers can find all parts from one contact window in Forenex! Forenex also develop a cardreader board that able to assembling with our TFT panel kit for customer's application use. When some of the finished products that customer need to read or show all information through memory card (CF,sd etc.), our TFT panel kit with cardreader board is a convience choice!! Product lines as below: 1) Character LCD Module : from 08x02 ~40x2. 2) Graphic LCD Module: from 122x32 ~320x240 3) TFT LCD module: *Analog: 7", 8.4", 8.5" *Digital: 3.5", 5.7", 7", 8", 8.4", 10.2", 10.4", 12.1", 15", 17", 19"~32" 4) Driving board for TFT display: *For Analog panel: Input of MCU,Video composite,VGA (CGA) * For digital panel: Input of MCU, Video composite, VGA,DVI 5) Cardreader mainboard : Can read data from memory card such SD,CF rect. 6) Openframe TFT module with fix connector for RCA/VGA/Power jack: 5.6", 7", 8",8.4", 10.4",12.1",15" Wellcome to visit Taitronic Autumn Taipei on Oct./09~13/2007 at Hall: H, Booth No.: 1705

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