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Laksh International Co., Ltd.

Laksh International Company Co., Ltd was formerly a domestic factory that manufactured products for other skin product companies. Our main business is to offer OEM service, providing consistent operations of development of skin products, quality test, filling and packing. We have accumulated dozens of years of experience in product development and value quality advancement. In order to maintain high quality of our products, we execute strict quality control which means all filling must be done in the clean room. Furthermore, we always maintain constant communication with our customers in order to gain full understanding of the products and needs they really want. For the past years, we truly appreciate their consistent supports and relying upon us. Because of that, we are motivated to constantly upgrade our quality. In return, we earn their recognition of our stable quality and service. In order to supply overseas demands, Laksh International Co., Ltd was established in October of 2007. The newly established brand Laksh represents nourishment, satisfaction and enrichment -nourish your skin-, -satisfy your needs- and -enrich your beauty-. Our major markets are America, Europe, South American, Middle East and Asia, and the main business is to export Laksh products to these markets. However, we also provide OEM service if requested by foreign customers. We do believe -Laksh- is the ultimate products that satisfy the needs of modern women today. Laksh, making women all over the world look younger, prettier and more radiant. Main Products: Amino acid deep cleansing mousse, Amino acid cleansing foam, moisturizing toner, Hydrating essence lotion, Repair serum, Repair cream, Whitening cream, Lightening serum, Brightening cream, All-purpose serum, Lifting cream, lifting serum, Eye cream, Silk collagen facial mask, Placenta facial mask, Moisturizing hyaluronic acid facial mask, Repairing mask, Amino acid body wash, Amino acid shampoo, Body lotion, Aqua peeling spray

  • Amino acids NES
  • Organic acids, their anhydrides and acid halides
  • Chemical base materials...
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